Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just Between You, Me, & God 11/19/2012

I picked a bad time to start a diet.  This is not the best time of year to start a diet with Thanksgiving this week and Christmas and all the trimmings right behind it.  My timing has not always been the best.  This is a time of reflection and giving God thanks for all He has done for us in the past year.  Growing up, Thanksgiving was generally just our immediate family.  I don’t remember any trips over the river or through the woods to Grandmother’s house.  With three boys sitting around the table a two legged turkey was a little inadequate.   Somehow a wing just doesn’t balance out with a turkey leg.  The best dishes and silver ware would come out and there was more food than even three growing boys and their Dad could put away in one meal.  Everything was homemade, nothing came from the freezer or out of the microwave (nonexistent at that time, yes there were phones and electricity and indoor plumbing).  After I got married and we had kids we would make those trips from Houston to Atlanta, Texas for a big family gathering.  Everyone would get up Thanksgiving morning and check the “chores list” to find out what they were supposed to do.  Bo would deep fry a turkey and have a pork loin smoking on the grill.  Nana and the girls would be busy in the kitchen making a huge tub of the best ever dressing and all the fixings to go with it.  The guys made last minute runs to the store and discussed the games that would be on that day and sneaked taste anywhere they could.  When it was all said and done the blessing was offered, usually with tears of appreciation, and the stuffing began, and I’m not talking about the turkey.  If you went away hungry it was your own fault.  After the meal was done, the living room looked like a battle field with bodies lying everywhere and moans and groans reflecting the pain of overeating.  The guys dozed while the games blared on the TV and the girls would take a walk to work off the meal.  No one could understand how they could eat that much but by the time the evening rolled around we were at it again.  This year I will once again reflect on God’s amazing grace in my life.  He has given me a 5 year experience with Living Hope Fellowship that just a few years before I could have never imagined.  He took a broken vessel, remolded it, and used it to pour out His Gospel to others who were broken.  God truly does use the weak to prove his strength.  Lord I give you thanks for reminding me that I am nothing without you and that you believe that I can do anything that you want me too.  Not to me, but to you goes the glory this year.  Pastor Dean

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